Sophie Aigner

A choreographic research project in the frame of the Graduate Program “Performing Citizenship”

“The bodies we are” emanates from today’s open process oriented concept of the body and investigates its utopian potential. In “the bodies we are” I work with the appropriation of the movement logics of foreign bodies, in other words, bodies outside the realm of the performer’s experience.

In the frame of the research project, the thesis I start out from is that bodies belong to no one and consequently can be appropriated by everyone. I consider the body to be a complex system, in which certain movement logics interact with each other. If we know how this system works, if we can analyse it, we can use various strategies to appropriate it. Let’s imagine we all have a choice of plenty of potential bodies. Can we enter – or can we “hack into” – any bodily system, if we understand its movement logics?

Interestingly, entering into this foreign physicality will also change our imagination and our desires. Appropriating a foreign body means not only appropriating its physicality and movement logics, but through its physicality also appropriating its imagination, its visions and desires. So there exists a direct interrelation between bodies and what is imagined and desired.

If a concrete interrelation exists between the movement logics of a body, its individual desires and its particular environment – then the appropriation of foreign bodies also implies a utopian potential. Appropriating a body can be used as a tool to meet and experience the not yet known. Consequently the appropriation of a foreign body can be used to jump into different systems, to hijack, seize or capture foreign spaces and realms of actions, thoughts and visions.

Text: Antje Velsinger
In collaboration with Sophie Aigner, Juli Reinartz, Johanna Roggan & Vania Rovisco.

„LET’S FACE IT!“ – wir werden überwacht. Doch wie gehen wir mit der alltäglichen Überwachung durch Videokameras oder Gesichtserkennungssoftware um? Brauchen wir einen Körper ohne Gesicht – oder vielleicht viele Gesichter ohne identifizierbaren Körper?

Das Tanzsolo „LET’S FACE IT!“ greift diese aktuellen Fragen auf und entwirft einen utopischen Körper, der kein Gesicht und doch wieder sehr viele Gesichter besitzt – und hierdurch eine eindeutige Identität verweigert. Hierbei spielt „LET’S FACE IT!“ mit verschiedenen Perspektiven auf das menschliche Gesicht und lässt interessante Momente des Wechselspiels entstehen, zwischen Identifikation und Entfremdung, zwischen Subjekt und Objekt, zwischen ein Gesicht haben und kein Gesicht haben.

Text: Antje Velsinger